Marmalade Vintage

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

B L O O M  B L O O M

As the warmth of the sun beams into the store's window warming my skin, I crave for this winter to be over. Spring is here soon enough and we should all get ready to bear some skin. Delicate and a bit distressed, its time to show some love. Marmalade still has some wool on the hangers but much more colour, floral prints, sheer pieces, a rack of blancs and lighter fabrics. Patterns, patterns and patterns////Let your inner self flourish with the time, we carry all that you crave to be.   

❍ Enjoy a sweet tune below: Toumani Diabate

L. a s h a

Friday, March 15, 2013

S T Y L E  ☾  P I L L A R 

Marmalade's little but not so little, inspirations entwined w. BIG UP! Stylist Soukena Roussi who sometimes pull special items from our joint.

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