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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Turkish love. 

Turkish fabrics, food, religion, art and music all have wonderful delights to my senses and as of lately I have been listening constantly to Selda Bağcan, a Turkish singer, guitarist and producer. With a voice that has so much power and emotion towards social criticism and understanding for the poor and working class during the polarization in the 1970's. But with this came a price, with her words she was persecuted by the military rulers and imprisoned three times. Crazy when fighting or in this case singing for justice how incriminating it can be, probably more so for a woman especially at that time. Her voice was not only alluring but meaningful, while keeping the traditional Turkish folk sound with a bit of a psychedelic feel, Selda embraces the power of the voice and belief in whats right. As we fall into this special month dedicated to women, Selda Bağcan fits this category of what it is to be a beautiful and exceptional woman with a voice. 
"go girl" 

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